Friday, June 26, 2015

The last post was copied off the ELLIAISON web site and was a short story of Amonhi.  I could have copied off a long story of Amonhi's experiences with C&E, Second Comforter and Church of the Firstborn: however, I already have two LONG experiences and thought a short one was in order.

This is something that happened to me today.  Last night I prayed "deeply" that I wanted to know what the Father would have me to do and to please answer me in a dream (I don't dream or at least I don't remember dreams) or in a vision or whatever.   Today I had two separate answers and I am shaking just thinking about them.  A Gospel Doctrine teacher (we have 6 of them in our Ward--3 classes--) called me and asked about John 14:16 as he did not understand it and after I explained it by quoting Joseph Smith (T of the PJS  p. 151), he asked if I would take about 7 minutes Sunday during his lesson to explain it.    Then 30 minutes later I went to the church to report my home teaching and ran into a member who shook my hand and then pulled me aside and said that he wanted me to explain what I believed was coming.  He wanted to meet me for lunch and have a long conversation about it.   I do not think that these 2 will be the last and I believe I have received at least a partial answer to my heartfelt prayer.

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