Saturday, October 17, 2015

Friday, July 10, 2015

Prior to having Couples Prayer tonight, I mentioned to Carol, "My body is craving ice cream and my spirit is craving Calling and Election Assured".   So she wisely said,  "Why don''t you have both at the same time?"

So I am eating some rocky road ice cream as I post this about Calling and Election after which I will study this document and have mighty prayer before retiring.

These 2 paragraphs come from a book entitled,  "Experiencing The Mighty Change"  and can be obtained on line by typing in  Experiencing the mighty change-shalyce    on Yahoo for free.  It is the 4th one listed.   The authors are Hal Wilcox and G. Randall Klimt.      These 2 paragraphs come at the end just before the appendix.     The appendix consists of recorded experiences of those who  "received it".

As we mentioned earlier, since January 1993 when we began distributing this book, we have met something like half a dozen people who we know have had their calling and election made sure. We have also heard of many others. Only one or two of those we know of are at the end of their lives. Most are middle aged or younger and most have yet to serve in any major leadership position, such as Bishop, etc. Most will not say a word about what they have received, but once in a while, by listening very carefully to what is said, one can put the pieces together. Those that we are certain about we have known well enough that they have been more open with us. 

The real lesson is not only that this blessing is real and available, but that it is happening to people right now, today, all around us. And the number of those receiving it will only increase as events proceed ever more rapidly to the divinely decreed crescendo that seems to be so very near, even at the door. So for those who truly and earnestly desire these blessings, there is no better time to begin the quest than right now. 

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