Saturday, July 4, 2015

It is very common to doubt. Many people even receive the promise and don't realize it for years. The nice thing is that you can go to God as many times as you need for reassurance and witness.

C&E is like baptism. And 8 year old child can know enough to be baptized and then spend a great deal of his life learning more about it, what it means, how it works, why we do it. So it is with C&E... You don't get it because you read all the books and memorized the scriptures. You don't get it because you attended church that 10,000th time or got 100% on your home teaching or lived all the commandments perfectly. It isn't about what you did or do at all. And this is what seems to trip people up more than anything, they are so focused on what to do that they miss the point which is who to be?

Mormon tells us in Moro. 7 that and evil person can do no good and that a good person can do no evil. He tells us that if an evil person prays and a good person prays, then one is blessed and the other cursed, even though they DID the same thing. It is the WHY and the HOW and not the WHAT that makes all the difference. 

And as you experienced, God IS LOVE. First we receive love and then give love. All the scriptures and all the meaning of things will come as you explorer your blessing from this context, looking back on your life and seeing the path you have traveled and the path you will travel. Now that you have the blessings is the time to begin to understand it. You have learned the true Order of Prayer and conversed with the Lord through the veil. You have received the name of the Second token of the Melchizedek Priesthood, from the Lord through the veil. Go back to the Lord with the desire to enter His presence and let him pull you through...

Peace and love Brother,

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