Sunday, July 12, 2015

This also came from, "Experiencing The Mighty Change"...

While we do not know personally the individual in this story, his story has impressed us deeply. A man had been praying for some time to meet one of the three Nephites. The Spirit spoke to him and said in substance, “Why pray to meet one of them? Why not pray to meet the Savior?" So he began to pray to meet the Savior. Not long thereafter his new prayer was answered at which time his calling and election was also made sure. This man subsequently explained to my friend who told me this story that the Savior loves us so much, it's like a child who wants a new bike that costs $150 but the child only has $1. Simply by putting forth a sincere effort and putting up the $1, the Savior then makes up the difference. We think it also worth noting that the Lord did not simply appear to him, HE HAD TO ASK FOR IT before the Lord appeared. 

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