Monday, July 13, 2015

This testimony comes from a sister known only as Mary on the internet.

-Receiving Calling and Election and the More Sure Word of Promise-  
My husband came across the doctrine of Calling and Election while on his mission.  Before and after we were married we read all we could find about it and studied the Gospel in general, but still had many questions which weren't answered in our searching.   Some of the things we read were accurate, some were not.  Here is my story...
     I had some business in Salt Lake City, Utah, home of the Salt Lake LDS Temple.  I had wanted to go to the Temple the night before but instead babysat for the friends with whom I was staying and cleaned some messes the children had made.  I felt sad that I hadn't been able to attend that night and when I went to bed I was very prayerful about it.  I told my friends that I would be attending an early session the next morning.  I had many questions on my mind, one of which being, "Where is the Holy of Holies?"  We had been told that in order to make one's Calling and Election Sure, there had to be a call from the prophet inviting us to the temple where he would escort us to the room called the "Holy of Holies."  There we would be privileged to meet with the Savior.  This was heavily on my mind as I drove through the rain storm which the morning brought.  I went alone.    The Spirit was very strong in the car all the way to the Temple and it continued to be very strong as I dressed and then waited in the Chapel for my session to begin.  I had felt the Spirit most of my life, but this morning it was exceedingly strong and bright.  The Spirit was increasingly stronger throughout the endowment session and as I entered the Celestial Room.  I wanted to sit and pray and commune with the Lord and so my eyes panned the room to find the spot where I would feel comfortable as I did this.  My eyes fell on a single chair which was on the far side of the Celestial Room, by itself on the left looking from the Veil and close to the corner.  I sat in that chair and began to pray.  As I was praying a voice came to my mind as if it were verbalized out loud, but it spoke to my soul, spirit to spirit.  It was like Enos' description of the voice he heard.  
     I was first told to look to the left.  There were three rooms there with closed doors.  There was a large urn in front of the one in the center.  I was told, "This room is the Holy of Holies."  I was then told, "Thy sins are forgiven thee and thou are acceptable unto me."   I thought, "How can this be?", but I knew the Lord would not lie and I felt peace and more joy than I had ever felt before.  It was so sacred to me that I told no one until I got to my home, though there were no instructions given to keep it secret. 
     I told my husband when I was home again.  He wondered what this could have been.  How could I have been given this priceless gift without all the fanfare that we believed was necessary?   I KNEW  the Lord loved me despite my sins and shortcomings and that I could be with Him again if I were acceptable to Him and I had been told just that!   I dared not hope that I had received the More Sure Word of Promise, even though I had, indeed.  It was September, 1989.
      Moving into the future, in 2007 I was given a vision while I was sleeping.  In my vision I was in the Monticello, Utah Temple.  I was in the Terrestrial room, about 3 rows back from the front, and was the only one in the room.  The room was lit brightly as it always is.  As I sat there it was made known to me that I was to rise and go to the veil.  I have been told by the Spirit not to reveal intimate details more than I will write here except in person as the Spirit dictates, but I can say that the nail marks in the Savior's hands are  much larger than I expected.  There is much scar tissue in the center of His right hand.  His voice permeated my soul, soft and kind and loving.  When I was face to face with Him, He looked down at me with such deep love! (I am 5'2" and He is much taller than I am.)   His love permeated my whole soul and I felt love like I had never felt before in this mortal probation.  He embraced me and I knew that I would someday be with Him forever and ever, never to go out, no more pain or sadness.  When I woke I wanted to tell everyone but I didn't.  I relayed it only to my husband.  I pondered it in my heart.  
     I have heard since that it is common to first hear that you will receive, then after a period of time, which is different for each individual, the presence of the Lord is given. 

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